Autumn colour swatches

I’m not the biggest fan of Autumn, mainly as I hate to accept the end of summer, but every year the colours of the new season are beautiful so it is difficult to stay disappointed for long. Having spent a week in hospital recently I really missed seeing nature so once out again I noticed a heightened awareness; my senses really enjoyed connecting with the outdoors again.

Wheatfen Nature Reserve, Norfolk

Over the last few months I’ve been paying more attention to colours of nature, gathering plants, feathers, shells etc and mixing the colours using gouache – see previous posts – I find it a wonderfully meditative process and one that brings great results too. The process really makes me look at the colours of the artefact and work out the nuances of hues, tints and shades. I’ve taken some slow recuperative walks in the countryside to rebuild my strength, allowing me to gather colour and appreciate Autumn. The colour chips here were made from the leaves from one tree, arranged in colour order. I wanted the colour to be the main thing to identify rather than them being leaves, so by trimming the edges of the leaves I’ve made them more like swatches.

leaf colour chips

green leaves

As the Summer seems to be on the turn towards Autumn I celebrate green leaves while I can. Being inspired by my paper manipulation history I played with slotting and folding to entertain the smaller members of the family while enjoying the garden.

A short trip to the allotment this morning also enabled us to gather Autumn raspberries – yes, the clue is in the name. At least the sweet peas are still flowering as the slugs eat my harvest of carrots, onions, parsnips and beetroot! Now I’m not sure that would be worth getting the sketchbook out for!