Aeneas Wilder at mead gallery

We have been to see a stunning exhibition of work by Aeneas Wilder at Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick that is really worth a visit before 1st December 2012 – without small children or swinging limbs!

This is one of those shows that will stay in my head for a very long time. I was asked this week what I expect to gain from seeing exhibitions of modern art. Well, this is one of those shows that can’t help to engage an audience while providing reasons to talk of ideas and discuss the experience. Physically, the exhibition involves a large architectural structure built of slim wooden building blocks which are entirely self supporting and balanced meticulously. It consists of two rooms connected by a corridor. There is a video which documents the building process too.

It does feel incredibly fragile and vulnerable which makes the experience all the more incredible, and of course goes a little way to explain the concepts behind the work. I wasn’t brave enough to walk all the way through and the children were kept at a safe distance. Any impact to the blocks would result in the structure collapsing, and this event has been schedule with ticketed entry for the 1st December with the artist playing the all important role of destroyer. Lucky for those already in possession of the tickets.

The visual impact and illusions of space and surface was almost discerning. I hope the photographs go some way to represent the show, but I recommend a visit if you can.

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