form and function of forks

It has transpired that I have accidentally started to collect forks of the dining variety. Having grown up with the beautiful three-pronged Focus flatware designed by Folke Arstrom for Gense, Sweden, and considering that as perfectly normal I have, as far as I remember been interested in cutlery. I am the proud owner of Arne Jacobsen cutlery and our everyday utensils are ‘cafe’ by David Mellor.

Café Stainless Steel

Arne Jacobsen image from:  David Mellor image from:

Why are some so awkward to use, and why are others a complete joy? I have been discussing this with my textile design students in relation to the principles of Form and Function in design. Before I know it I have rounded up many forks to illustrate my point and I feel rather proud. This collection is underway and its got me keeping my eyes open for new pieces to find. I am particularly keen on the ‘disposable’ not-for-ever kind, and here’s some examples to show you how exciting things are getting!


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