we went to the zoo today…

Today we visited Dudley Zoo. Until today I had no idea that we had such a prized set of buildings of international importance only two trains and one bus away from our house! The great man of London Zoo’s penguin pool, Berthold Lubetkin designed this Modernist set of reinforced concrete buildings – Tectons, which were granted World Monuments Fund status two years ago. I include some photos but I recommend a visit to fully appreciate them. The Kiosk reminded me of Arne Jacobsen’s petrol station just outside Copenhagen, also from 1937, and of concrete – but that’s another story!

Lots of care and attention are still needed to get the Tectons back to their 1937 former glory, but they still represent an ideal and aesthetic relevant for today. I have only hinted at what to see there – I wouldn’t want to ruin your search, but the entrance is rather fantastic too. (I thought I ought to include some shots of animals seeing as it was a zoo trip! The penguins are another nod to Lubetkin.)




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